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I admit it, I have been awful about updating this website.

Just awful.

When I realized how long it’s been since I updated it, I was very much like this:







BUT! I do have a good excuse. I swear. See, I’ve been hard at work on a new book. It’s called The Dark World, and it’s the first in a new trilogy. (Here it is on Goodreads!) And I’m so, so, so excited for this book to come out in May.

As for Spellbound — I adore Brendan and Emma, but there aren’t plans to continue their story at this time. I don’t want to force a storyline that will ruin them for readers. I’m not saying never, but I don’t want to write about them until I know it’s something worthy of the characters. Until then, I really hope you enjoy reading about Paige and Logan in The Dark World.

As soon as I can post more details about The Dark World (like the cover, which is gorgeous), I will.

In the meantime, you can follow me on Facebook and Twitter, where I post several times a day, usually.



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