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If you’ve read The Dark World, you know that a certain rakish character is a huge snack food aficionado.

So in honor of Ajax’s addiction to all things tasty, my husband (from Burger Conquest) and the amazing Chef Dennis from Idle Hands Bar have created the Ajax Burger.

It’s topped with white cheddar, bacon, a bacon onion jam and — in true Ajax form — sour cream and onion chips.



Seriously…look at this thing. Those are tater tots with nacho cheese on them!!!!

And you don’t have to go to The Dark World to try it! Come by Idle Hands June 12 to order the Ajax burger — and if you bring proof of purchasing The Dark World (the book, or your Kindle!), you’ll get a free shot…and my undying affection.

Come celebrate the release of The Dark World — and chow down! You can RSVP on Facebook here.

Since this event is at my husband’s bar, unfortunately it is 21+ (even if you’re not drinking).


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Because cats, you guys.
Always cats.


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I was waiting for the 7 train, scrolling through my iPod and looking for music to put me in the mood to write, since I was headed to home to tackle editing particularly difficult scene for Logan and Paige. I needed inspiration.

I randomly decided to put on on Jimmy Eat World — a band I really love, but hadn’t listened to in awhile. When “Just Tonight” came on, the relentless guitars, the foreboding lyrics (“Never be the same/Never feel this way again”) hit me. I put it on repeat, and came home practically cracking my knuckles, ready to write.

I basically came home and looked like this.

So check out “Just Tonight” — and let me know what you think!

Earlier previews of The Dark World Playlist:
All Time Low

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One of Brendan’s, ahem, naughtier quotes was requested on Instagram. Anyone remember what scene in Spellcaster this is from?


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I’m doing something a little different with the playlist for The Dark World. With Spellbound and Spellcaster, the official playlists included songs that were tied to certain scenes—either the characters were listening to the songs at the time, or the song just reflected the overall mood of the scene.

With The Dark World, I’m still pairing scenes and songs. But I’m also picking songs that I think reflect the overall atmosphere and mood of the book. So with that in mind, here’s the first song I’m putting on The Dark World soundtrack: Paramore’s “Let the Flames Begin.” 

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