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One of Brendan’s, ahem, naughtier quotes was requested on Instagram. Anyone remember what scene in Spellcaster this is from?



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Hey guys! I just got a big box of pretty in the mail over the weekend! Spellcaster will be out in just a month and a half. So in honor of my shipment of books—and a certain holiday that rhymes with Schmalentine’s Schmay—I thought it would be fun to share a quote from a certain witchy soul mate! Check it out after the jump—and since I now have a hard copy of Spellcaster in my hands, I can tell you this quote comes from page 140. Check it out after the jump!

And if you want your very own (signed!) copy of Spellcaster, don’t miss my giveaway with fellow YA author Aimee Agresti. Trust me, you want your hands on her incredible debut, Illuminate. Enter now to win a signed copy of both books!

Click on the jump to read a quote from Emma:


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The votes are in, and Brendan won by a landslide. (Shocker, I know.) 🙂

Check it out after the jump, and stay tuned for a song reveal from Spellcaster‘s playlist!


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I’ve hit 1300 followers on Twitter, which means it’s time for a giveaway!

I’m giving away three signed copies of Spellbound—plus temporary tattoos of Emma’s crest and signed bookmarks!

Want to enter? Fill out this form by Dec. 31 at midnight, and I’ll pick a three winners in the first week of January. Each winner will receive a signed book, two signed bookmarks and temporary tattoos. (One entry per person p

And before the year is out, I’ll post another song from the Spellcaster playlist and an quote from the book, so watch this space—and take the poll below to tell me which character you want a quote from!


I’ve taken the poll and entry form down—the contest is over! Good luck to all who entered!

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On Thanksgiving, to thank everyone for their support, I Tweeted out a quote from Spellcaster. But I only put it on Twitter! I was with family so I wasn’t able to post it sooner, so here it is. The quote is from Angelique—and it’s after the jump. (more…)

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Woot! I’ve mentioned this on Twitter, but wanted to let everyone know, there’s a release date for Spellcaster! The sequel to Spellbound will be hitting stores March 27, 2012. Just six months!

*faceplants on the floor*

I’m also getting closer to 1500 followers on Twitter. When I hit that magic number, I think I’ll post a quote from Spellcaster!

Who should the quote be from when I post it? Brendan? Emma? Angelique? Someone else? Leave your answer in the comments — and follow me on Twitter here!

(I’ll also do a giveaway.)


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