The Dark World comes out in just 15 days—and the blog tour kicks off today!

Check out the first post from the awesome Hannah at The Irish Banana Review, where we play casting director for Logan, Paige and the rest of the characters. Plus: enter for your chance to win a copy of The Dark World!

And just in time for the tour kick off, I typed these little words last night before sending the second book in the trilogy on to my editor!.


Because cats, you guys.
Always cats.



The Dark World is going on a blog tour with Kismet Book Touring! If you’re a book blogger and want to be a part of the Dark World tour, check out the sign up sheet here. There are only six spots open, so sign up now!

I was thinking about what to post for Music Monday today, and I decided to go with a little throwback to the Spellcaster playlist—mostly because I was just really in the mood to hear Finch.

I was waiting for the 7 train, scrolling through my iPod and looking for music to put me in the mood to write, since I was headed to home to tackle editing particularly difficult scene for Logan and Paige. I needed inspiration.

I randomly decided to put on on Jimmy Eat World — a band I really love, but hadn’t listened to in awhile. When “Just Tonight” came on, the relentless guitars, the foreboding lyrics (“Never be the same/Never feel this way again”) hit me. I put it on repeat, and came home practically cracking my knuckles, ready to write.

I basically came home and looked like this.

So check out “Just Tonight” — and let me know what you think!

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