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Today’s the big day — the release of The Dark World! It’s my first hardcover release, and I’m so, so excited to share this book.

It’s hard to believe sometimes that I get to do this professionally. When I was a little kid, writing short stories and plays about ghosts (yes, even back then!), being an author just seemed like a pipe dream. So I want to give a big fat thank you to anyone and everyone who has read not just my book, but any YA book.

In honor of the book’s release, I wanted to share a quote about a certain demonslayer. Those who have read the book know whom I’m talking about 😉

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The Dark World is going on a blog tour with Kismet Book Touring! If you’re a book blogger and want to be a part of the Dark World tour, check out the sign up sheet here. There are only six spots open, so sign up now!

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I was waiting for the 7 train, scrolling through my iPod and looking for music to put me in the mood to write, since I was headed to home to tackle editing particularly difficult scene for Logan and Paige. I needed inspiration.

I randomly decided to put on on Jimmy Eat World — a band I really love, but hadn’t listened to in awhile. When “Just Tonight” came on, the relentless guitars, the foreboding lyrics (“Never be the same/Never feel this way again”) hit me. I put it on repeat, and came home practically cracking my knuckles, ready to write.

I basically came home and looked like this.

So check out “Just Tonight” — and let me know what you think!

Earlier previews of The Dark World Playlist:
All Time Low

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The Dark World comes out in two months!!


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