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New Website!

Hey guys! I’ve got a new website — I’ve moved on over to a self-hosted site at CaraLynnShultz.com. It’s got a new look, too — thanks to my wonderful husband, Dave Ciancio. Come visit me over there!

It’s Music Monday — and this week, I’m giving you guys another preview at a song from The Dark World playlist. Check it out!

One of Brendan’s, ahem, naughtier quotes was requested on Instagram. Anyone remember what scene in Spellcaster this is from?


I’m doing something a little different with the playlist for The Dark World. With Spellbound and Spellcaster, the official playlists included songs that were tied to certain scenes—either the characters were listening to the songs at the time, or the song just reflected the overall mood of the scene.

With The Dark World, I’m still pairing scenes and songs. But I’m also picking songs that I think reflect the overall atmosphere and mood of the book. So with that in mind, here’s the first song I’m putting on The Dark World soundtrack: Paramore’s “Let the Flames Begin.” 

…Ranks right up there with my favorite Emma moments.

Also, I just got a fun app that allows me to make all my quotes look purty, so I’m giving all my quotes from Spellbound and Spellcaster (and maybe a couple from The Dark World, *cough* out May 27 *cough*) the same treatment. Any requests?



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